Issues and Priorities

Angela is a committed public servant, dedicated to ensuring equitable and

inclusive policies and practices for every Kenmore resident.


A Thriving Kenmore

COVID-19 and the pandemic have affected Kenmore residents in a myriad of ways and we need to recover quickly.  Additionally, significant growth is coming to Kenmore and the surrounding area in the coming years. We need to make smart decisions that balance the needs for a diverse community of all ages, small businesses, neighborhoods, and amenities, especially in our downtown core. This means working collaboratively and with foresight about transportation, development, and our environment to be a welcoming community for all!

Environmental Stewardship

Kenmore has beautiful parks, wildlife, and water access, but we must do more to preserve the quality of our air, waterways, habitats and trees. Angela is a staunch advocate of being an environmental steward for residents now and generations to come, so that all may enjoy our natural resources.


Accessible Government

Your voice matters in local government and it shouldn't be difficult to engage with or understand how our local government works. Angela believes in inviting community members most impacted by an issue into the conversation, and she's working to make interactions with government officials human, relational, and easily accessible.